Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello Kitty Tag Swap

Packed and shipped! I'm very excited because this was my first tag swap (or swap of any sort!). What better swap to join than a Hello Kitty themed swap right? I loved Hello Kitty and all her Sanrio friends growing up. When I was younger going to the mall was always a treat because I knew that's where the Sanrio store was. My mom allowed my sisters and I to buy at least one thing every time we visited the store weather it be a stationary set, a pencil box or even a piece of candy. I was obsessed, I even designated a whole shelf in my room displaying all my Sanrio items like a Shrine. (Ahhh....memories) I've only held onto a couple of items but had I known Hello Kitty would make a big come back the way she did, I probably wouldn't have gotten rid of anything!

The swap was hosted by the lovely and very sweet Alee'. You can find her on Youtube or her blog. The rules were simple: It had to be at least 5 inches or more in length, we must use fabric in any way or form (I chose to make a fabric flower) and chose any color theme of our choice. I had a lot of fun creating my tag and am pleased with how they turned out. I can't wait to see the tags from my group members. Once they come in the mail, I'll definitely post them.  

Materials Used:
  • Hello Kitty cartridge
  • George and Basic shapes cartridge (for the tag) 
  • Sanrio paper line by Sandylion
  • Bling
  • Fabric, neddle and thread  
  • Red pom pom trim (walmart)
  • Flat back pearls (Recollections)
  • Buttons  
  • Glossy accents 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

You are looking at my first ever Easter card and I'm excited to share it with you!  When it comes to card making, I never really venture out to making holiday cards other than for Christmas. I usually stick to the typical birthday and congratulations weather it be wedding or baby type cards. This year one of my New Years resolutions, along side to use my Cricut more, is to make at least one card for all the holidays. So far so good,  I could check off Valentine's Day and now Easter =) . I think the best part of this card is the dollar stamps I used from Michael's. Who doesn't love a bargain?!  

Materials used:
  • Michael's dollar stamp (Chick and sentiment)
  • Versa mark ink and black and clear embossing powder
  • Regal rose card stock as base (Stampin' up)
  • Prima flowers sprayed with LSG "Creme Brulee Cream" starburst spray with a Flat back pearl middle
  • Decorating chalks (to color the lil Chicky)
  • Gelly Roll pen in stardust clear (over top the sentiment)
  • EK success scalloped circle punch
  • Old Olive ink (Stampin' Up) 
  • Yellow satin ribbon 
  • Foam squares (to raise the stamped images) 
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Awards =)

 The Rules for the Stylish Blogger award are:
  1. Thank the person who gave this award to me and link back to their blog
  2.  Share 8 things about myself
  3.  Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
  4.  Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition
Thank You Victoria for thinking of me and giving me the Stylish Blogger Award !!!

8 Things about myself:
  1.  I'm a Twilight saga fan...Team Jacob!!! (I have a life size cut out of Jacob in my Scrapbook room and a Jacob blanket in my living room)   
  2. I don't scare easily so I enjoy watching Horror films
  3. I think grocery shopping with coupons is fun (Have you seen that show "Extreme Couponing" on TLC?! lol!)
  4. I love grape and peach flavored anything! 
  5. Every time my indoor dog goes outside to potty I wash her paws when she comes back in. You might think I'm a crazy dog lady for doing this but, it's necessary because my dog has a pollen allergy. Poor thing =(
  6. I can never keep plants alive.
  7. My DVD collection is in alphabetical order.
  8. I have a close relationship with my two older sisters...they are VERY supportive & I love them to death and don't know what I'd do without them.   
My 8 picks are:
  1. Arlene @  
  2. Kiki @
  3. Dee @
  4. Tawny @ 
  5. KaiteO @
  6. Susi @
  7. Mama Hen @
  8. Lori @

A big Thank you and hugs to Karen, Joann, and Lisa for giving me the Leibster Award !!!

 The Liebster Award is designed to bring new blogs to light. It is a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen or ones you may want to share with others.

 As a recipient you must share the love and pay it forward by:
-Creating a post where you blog about the Liebster award & reveal your 3-5 blog picks
-Let them know you chose them
-Copy & paste the blog award on your blog
-Have faith that your followers will rally & show their crafty love back out to those you awarded

Here are my picks and who I think are worthy of this award. Please stop by and show them some love! 
  1. June Houck at
  2. Dorcus at
  3. Joanna at

I'm so honored to have received two more awards from my fellow bloggers again, thank you ladies I greatly appreciate it =) Also, Congratulations to those who I awarded, you guys deserve it! Happy Blogging!!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ribbon Storage

Since my ribbon drawer was over flowing and starting to take over other areas in my scrap room, I was on a search to find the perfect ribbon storage/organization system. I was looking for something that would be functional, inexpensive, and neat.  I looked through countless blogs, youtube videos and storage websites. Although I found some great ideas I felt some of them were too expensive or just too much work, like re-spooling the ribbon onto a piece of thick card stock or chipboard and filing them neatly away in a drawer. I loved the look of the ribbon shelf, where it's held up with dowels but, It wasn't ideal with the way that I craft (I like to have the spool of ribbon at my side) I'd have to take down the dowel every time I'd want to use a ribbon.  After a random trip to Walmart, I found this container that I thought would be great to house all my ribbon. It works perfectly!! It's by "homz" and is a 3 in 1 organizer with stackable interlocking trays.

Kept the label inside for those of you who are interested

Side View

It's was everything I was looking for FUCTIONAL : It has three compartments. Is clear so that I can easily see what's inside. I can fit several rows of ribbon and each compartment is tall enough to put the spools upright so when the trays are unstacked I can see every design/color of ribbon. INEXPENSIVE: It was only $9.97!!!  Just a small price to pay for something that will make life easier not to mention way cheaper than other ribbon box storage systems (that weren't nearly as big) I came across. NEAT: It looks neat and tidy. It stacks to save space and I can slide it underneath my work table. Since it's enclosed my ribbon will be free from dust.

I hope this is helpful to some of you. Please share some of your ribbon storage ideas....what works best for you?    

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Shadow Box

My sister Karen (the one I spoke of in my "about me") made this beautiful shadow box layout as a gift to my husband and I shortly after we got married.  She used our favorite wedding picture and I absolutely LOVE it! (Thanks Ate!!!) It's displayed in our bedroom but currently it's not in a shadow box , thanks to my husband who accidentally knocked it over and cracked it. (He didn't even tell me! I noticed it a few days later *shaking head from side to side* boys! Haha....) I'll be replacing it soon but thought this would be a good opportunity to take a picture of it without the glare of the glass.  By clicking on the picture you can get a better view of the detail from her handmade embellishments.  Isn't she awesome?! I just love and adore her work she inspires me always.  On her blog there's a post of a shadow box she put together for our other sister Kathy , using some of  her wedding photos and It's just as beautiful.  You can see how talented she is for yourself , you can find her at

Friday, April 1, 2011

On a Pedestal

I can't take full credit for the design of this card because I got the idea from last years Stampin' Up Catalog (Great idea book!) but I did tweak it a little here and there. This is one of those cards that will be hard for me to give up because I just LOVE the way it came out. Am I the only one weird like that?! LOL! That's one of the reasons why I decided to start a blog, so that I can record my work therefore, making it easier to part with my creations. I like the idea of being able to look back and see what materials I've used so If ever I want to recreate it, I can! It's my own personal online portfolio =).

Materials Used*:
  • "On a pedestal" stamp set
  • "Dot, dot, dot" background stamp 
  • Crushed curry card stock
  • Crushed Curry and Basic Brown ink 
  • Brown card stock (scraps from my stash)
  • Friskars scallop punch 
  • 5/8" cream colored satin ribbon (Dollar Tree)
  • American Crafts button
  • Sakura glitter Gelly Roll pen (used to write over stamped text)
  • Foam squares (to add dimension to the text and cherry)  
*All material used are by Stampin' Up unless noted otherwise.

Monday, March 28, 2011

An award...for me?

I feel so honored to have been given "The Versatile Blogger" award by Kaity-Bug Crafts, Ruby and Lolis. How exciting =) Thank you so much ladies!!! There are rules after recieving this reward and they are:
  1. Thank the person who sent it to you
  2. Tell Us 7 things about yourself
  3. Send/Reward this to 15 bloggers 
7 Things about myself:
  1. I am an organizational freak! I LOVE to organize.
  2. I am addicted to the game "Bejeweled" on my iphone.
  3. I work in the medical field.
  4. I often sing to my dog (don't judge me! Haha...)
  5. I played basketball in high school.  
  6. Purple is my favorite color (Hence, my blog background)
  7. My guilty pleasure is watching craft and makeup haul videos on youtube. (I'm a little embarrassed to admit that! lol!) 
15 Bloggers who I think deserves this reward are:
  1. Karen Wood 
  2. Dorcas
  3. Ashley
  4. Chignon
  5. Crafty Kate
  6. Karen McPherson
  7. Friday
  8. Tami B
  9. Joann
  10. Noahsarkgirl
  11. Lisa
  12. Kimberly
  13. Ms. Nette 
  14. Craftin’ Blind 
  15. Elaine